Discos and Bands

Discos and Bands

Discos and Bands Equipment for hire

The use of high power LEDs has meant that lighting for discos and bands has changed dramatically over the last few years. Both weight and power requirements are much lower. Built-in programming means that the whole lightshow can be run either automatically or controlled by the music beat. The DMX capability on many of the lights allows more sophisticated control of the rig  from a lighting desk. For some events, especially those which have both discos and bands performing, this extra control flexibility adds greatly to the overall effect of the lights.

Whether you’re planning a disco for a birthday celebration, a party or a wedding reception we can supply the sound and lighting to create that special party atmosphere. All you have to do is to add the music either from a CD player, a laptop, a notepad or an MP3 player. If you already have the sound system you can of course hire just the lights.

For small rooms or home use we have:

  • Small LED disco lighting package
  • 350 watt music system

For the larger room, village hall or marquee we have:

  • Large LED disco lighting package
  • 900 watt music system

Our band lighting package is suitable for use on small stages in pubs and clubs. You will get the lights, dimmers, control desk, stands and cables necessary to create a four channel rig which can be run from either one 16A or two 13A socket outlets. Please contact us for details and costs.

Note: These systems are not suitable for use in open air locations unless special safety precautions are taken. Please ask us if you wish to use them in this way.

Contact us here via the site, or call on 01394 274935 or 07802 475063