Carnivals and Fetes

Carnivals and Fetes

Packaged PA Systems for Carnivals and Fetes

PA systems for Carnivals and Fetes come in all shapes and sizes. We can supply a selection of PA packages to suit everything from a small village fête to a large country show. Some can be battery powered and all can be supplied with a radio microphone at extra cost. We can also tailor our equipment to many different situations so if the exact package you require is not shown please contact us.

Our main packages are:

  • 120 watt mains or 24V battery powered with full range loudspeakers
  • 120 watt mains or 24V battery powered with weatherproof horn loudspeakers
  • 240 watt mains powered with weatherproof horn loudspeakers

Before you use our equipment to play music, please read this copyright information.
The playing in public of copyright material by any means usually requires licences from both the Performing Rights Society (PRS) and Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL). No equipment whether hired or purchased from or through Showlite is licenced in advance to play such material. The hirer, event organiser or purchaser of the equipment must obtain or already hold the appropriate licences prior to using any hired or purchased equipment for this purpose. Please read Condition 17 of our Full Trading Terms and Conditions.

For information call:

  • PRS on 08000 68 48 28 or see their website at
  • PPL on 020 7534 1000 or see their website at

Contact us here via the site, or call on 01394 274935 or 07802 475063