Services and Delivery Charges

We offer the following services, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for on this page please contact us and we will do our best to help you or offer you advice on where to get help.

Sound System Set-up and Operation
In addition to supplying equipment we will set up, operate and dismantle our PA systems for you. The cost of this service includes our operator making announcements and generally acting as a focal point for your event, but, it does not include the cost of transporting the equipment to and from your venue – this is charged separately.

Subject to availability, we can provide operators for installed equipment or equipment hired from other sources. The only thing we ask is that we are given sufficient time to familiarise ourselves with how it all works.

Lighting Design and Operation
The basic service includes design of the lighting rig, arranging of any necessary equipment hire, rigging and focussing, plotting of cues, de-rigging and ensuring the return of hired equipment. Other services such as operation of the lighting desk for each performance, or planning and creation of special effects can be added at the appropriate charge rates.

For operation of show lighting not designed by us see Sound System Set-up and Operation.

Sound System Design and Installation
We specialise in the design and installation of background music, paging and public address systems, for both indoor and outdoor use. From small ones, consisting of perhaps a CD player, a microphone and an amplifier, to large multi-zone ones using more than one amplifier to cover different areas of a building, we can help you get the best available within your budget.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance
For general sound equipment, background music and paging installations we offer cleaning and first line servicing. This can be either on a one-off or regular contract basis. More complex servicing needs, especially for CD/MD players and similar items, will be referred to a specialist repairer.

Repairs can also be carried out to luminaires, control equipment etc. depending upon the quantity and age of the equipment involved.

Where applicable, all equipment repaired by us will be subjected to a Portable Appliance Test before being returned to the customer.

Consultancy for Lighting or Sound

Whether you are thinking of installing new equipment, adding to or updating an existing installation, or just need help with a one-off event, we can offer a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over more than four decades in the lighting and sound industry. We will be pleased to help you get the best value for your money whatever you are planning to do.

Delivery Charges
Charges for delivery and collection of our own equipment are as follows (distances shown are the total length of any one journey).

  • for journeys of less than 10 miles – FOC
  • for journeys of 10-19 miles – £10.00
  • for journeys of 20-29 miles – £15.00
  • for journeys of 30-49 miles – £25.00
  • for journeys of 50 miles or more – £30.00

In addition to the above for journeys in excess of 50 miles extra travelling time may also be charged at a rate of £10.00 per hour.

Any carriage charges made by our third party suppliers will be passed on at cost.