Gobos and Holders

Gobos produce patterns or scenic elements on a set. They can be made from stainless steel or glass, but they can only be used in profile type spotlights. They are available in many standard patterns and in sizes to suit most manufacturers’ luminaires. Showlite only has the stainless steel variety available for hire. If you would like to use them please ask for a copy of our gobo list.

Gobos can also be custom-made from your own artwork, although this can involve significant extra expense. Please call us for further details further details of this service.

The gobo sizes listed below are those recommended by each manufacturer to allow resolution of the whole image, other sizes may be possible if the whole image is not needed. The holder numbers are for use with stainless steel gobos in most of the commonly used luminaires. If you wish to use a glass gobo you should check that your intended luminaire is suitable before ordering either the gobo or the holder. Holders with numbers beginning GH are supplied by DHA/Rosco, all others are manufacturer specific.

Manufacturers listed alphabetically:


  • DS/DW54 Size M Holder GH15
  • A59Z Size M Holder GH52
  • Europe Range Size A Holder GH34


  • Mini Ellipse Size A Holder GH18
  • Ellipsoidal Size A Holder GH16


  • Minuette Size M Holder GH15
  • Silhouette/Freedom Size A Holder GH01
  • Silhouette/Freedom Size B Holder GH03


  • Accento Size M Holder GH41


  • Source 4 Size B Holder GH59


  • SPR Size B Holder GH08


  • 650 profile Size M Holder PULSAR


  • 650 Zoomspot Size A Holder GH01
  • 650 Zoomspot Size B Holder GH03
  • Acclaim Size M Holder ACGH
  • 1200 Size A Holder GH01
  • Accent LV Size E Holder SAAGH
  • Pacific (except 12-28) Size A Holder 19PACGHA
  • Pacific 12-28 Size M Holder 19PACGHM
  • Performer Quartz Size D Holder 20PFGHQ
  • Performer MSR Size M Holder 20PFGH
Spotlight Milano

  • 650 watt Size M Holder GH49
  • 1200 watt Size B Holder GH50

Strand Lighting (Phillips)

  • Patt.23/Minim/Quartet Size B Holder GH08
  • Prelude/Cantata/Brio/SL Size B Holder GH06
  • Patt.263/264/T-Spot/Harmony Size A Holder GH40
  • Cadenza/Solo Size A Holder GH07
  • Optique Size M Holder GH46


  • Acuto Size A Holder GH44
  • Comma Size M Holder GH41
  • Tratto/Tipo Size B Holder GH43

James Thomas Engineering

  • TBA 650 Size D Holder GH12


  • 650W Size M Holder GH49
  • 1200W Size B Holder GH50

Zero 88

  • Focus Size M Holder GH15